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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Requirements of the appropriate dress code are: the wearing any combination of solid navy and solid white. At all times clothing must be neat, modest, and suitable for a Catholic school environment.
Below, please find a guideline to assist you when purchasing articles of clothing for your children:
TOPS – Solid White or Solid Navy Blue
Solid White or Solid Navy Blue Collared Polo/Golf Shirt
Solid White Collared Dress Shirt/Blouses
Long or Short Sleeved Solid White Turtlenecks in Winter
Solid Navy or Solid White Sweater, Vest or Pull-Over
BOTTOMS - Solid Navy Blue
Solid Navy Dress Pants or Cotton Pants
Solid Navy Walking Shorts
Solid Navy Skorts or Capri Pants for Girls
(No Jeans, Yoga Pants, Jeggings, Tights etc.)
Please remember that all tops and pants are to be plain with no visible logos, stripes, etc. We encourage all students to “Catch the Spirit”.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Students who fail to comply with appropriate dress code will be disciplined. This may include the providing of more suitable attire, a note in the agenda, phone call to the parent, or removal of the questionable item (such as studded or chain items). Remember, the school is a workplace and the children are to dress accordingly. Each classroom teacher will outline his/her requirements regarding gym attire and students are to be prepared by bringing the items to school with them as required.
Proper footwear is the minimum requirement in the gymnasium. Jewellery should be removed for gym activity as it can be a safety issue. Physical Education is a component of the curriculum and is not optional. This includes 20 minutes of Daily Physical Activity and students should be prepared to be active each and every day!
 Indoor shoes are also required to help maintain cleanliness throughout the classrooms. During the winter months, the wearing of socks or boots all day is neither healthy nor safe. In the event of an evacuation there will not be time to put on shoes nor is it safe to travel through the building or on the stairs in socks.
DRESS CODE for Civvies Days
All students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed; that is, neat, clean and in a manner that reflects the aims and atmosphere of a Catholic school.
Appropriate dress includes mid thigh length shorts, sayings and pictures on clothing that promote a positive attitude, and other clothing that helps to create an environment for academic learning.  Clothing that does not reflect modesty is not allowed, (e.g. T-shirts with sexual connotations, inappropriate slogans, halter tops, short tops that expose the midriff, spaghetti straps, tube tops, short shorts, hats in the building, muscle shirts for boys and bandanas). Shorts and pants need to be hemmed (tears are not permitted).  Bandanas and other gang paraphernalia are strictly prohibited.  Students are asked to take pride in their personal appearance.  It is the parent’s duty and responsibility to ensure that each child is suitably attired.  The principal may exercise discretion to allow exceptions to the School Dress Code.  Parents may be contacted and in some cases may be required to pick up their child if their manner of dress is not appropriate.

Dress Code in TCDSB Schools

All Elementary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt an Appropriate Dress Code or Uniform Dress Code.

All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.
Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.