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CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council

With approval from the Board, the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) recently underwent a name change to Catholic School Parents Council (CPSC). News items & resource documents uploaded prior to September 1st, 2015 may have their titles changed to reflect Catholic School Parents Council (CSPC), the text contained within the documents and pages may still contain the name Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC).  Please note that these two titles are synonymous.
Parents are the primary educators of the students who attend Catholic schools. In partnership with their local Catholic school and parish community, parents continue the work of raising their children in an environment shaped by Catholic beliefs and traditions to reach their full potential.
The Catholic School Parent Council of the school provides a vehicle for participation by parents and guardians in the advisory and decision making process of their school.
The new regulations governing school councils help us to realize our shared goal of improving student achievement through enhanced accountability of the Catholic education system to parents.

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2015 Revised By-Laws for Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School Parent Council

APPROVED OLS CSPC By-laws  Apr 29 2015.pdfAPPROVED OLS CSPC By-laws Apr 29 2015.pdf