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For Parents



School Practices and Procedures



Please take special note that we have children in our school who have very serious allergies to nut products. According to Sabrina’s Law, we must make every effort to maintain a nut free environment in order to help keep these children safe. We ask that you not bring in or send in any food items to be shared with other students in the class. Please note that baked goods and treats are not permitted for birthday celebrations. Please consider other options that do not involve any food. These measures are necessary in order to ensure the safety and welfare of our children.



Allergy Awareness SHEF.pdfAllergy Awareness SHEF.pdf


Useful links: "Anaphylaxis: A Handbook for School Boards" "Anaphylaxis in Schools"

Electronic Devices/Personal Items
We would kindly ask that if students bring electronics devices to school that they power them off in instructional domains.  We understand the necessity for our ‘digital natives’ but at the same time, we ask that you support our instructional domains.
Our Play Yard Safety Practice remains the same.  During morning drop-off, the only adults in the yard should be teachers on duty.  This allows for easier visibility and greater safety for all our students.  All adults entering the school grounds must report to the office where we will be happy to assist you.  Outside of staff, the only adults permitted in the building are those who have been provided a lanyard with a school pass.  This allows staff to easily identify intruders.  Also, please do not bring/send your child to school before 8:15 a.m. as there is no supervision.
Lunch Procedures 
Many of our students remain at school for lunch.  These students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the lunch hour unless they have been signed out by a parent/guardian to eat lunch elsewhere.  Grade 7 and 8 students will be given more direction from their classroom teachers if off-site lunches are permitted and the appropriate procedures to follow.
Dress Code
All students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed; that is, neat and clean, and in a manner that suits the aims and atmosphere of a Catholic elementary school environment.  To be succinct, a combination of solid white or solid navy top, with solid navy bottoms. No logos should be visible. Absolutely no denim is permitted. The Dress Code is now mandated for all TCDSB schools.  Adherence to the code is not optional.
Milk Program
The Milk Program will begin at the end of September; orders are normally filled on Monday’s, however for the start please submit them as soon as possible.
If you are delivering a lunch, please label it clearly and leave it on the table outside the office.
For those dropping off or picking up children at the front of the school, you are reminded to not infringe upon the fire route(s).  Police have been and will continue to patrol the area for those not in compliance.  In addition, designated handicapped parking spots are for those vehicles displaying proper handicap decals.
Student Attire For Winter Conditions 
All students should be properly prepared to enjoy our wonderful outdoor conditions during the winter months. Suitable coats, hats, gloves/mittens, and footwear are a must for this time of year. Students are encouraged to have indoor footwear. Students are not permitted to wear outdoor boots in class and walking in socks is not acceptable.
Dogs @ ols
Parents are reminded that dogs should not be brought to the school either during or before/after school. As wonderful as dogs are and as well trained as they may be, with the number of students in the area and the often unexpected movement of students, dogs can become overly excited and may react unexpectedly.
Parental cooperation regarding this expectation is greatly appreciated for the well-being of everyone, including the dog!
Parents In The School Yard
This is simply a gentle reminder that there should be no parents, including parent volunteers, in the school yard during the recesses and lunch hours each day.
Parents are reminded that at no time should a parent of another child intervene with a child for disciplinary purposes. Such intervention should only be done by school staff.
Parental Use of Bus Loop
Our bus loop is relatively well used but a few reminders may assist in making the loop even more efficient and safe. First, if parents are accessing the bus loop with private vehicles, the parent should never leave the vehicle unattended.
In the case of Kindergarten students, if a parent feels that it is necessary to walk the child to the entrance door, then the parent should use the parking lot at the front of the school. (This applies to pick up at 11:00 a.m. as well).
Secondly, parents are asked to drive all the way to the south end of the loop before stopping to let out the student.
Thirdly, parents are asked to be mindful of the traffic congestion behind them if a child is taking too long to exit the vehicle. In fairness to all drivers, we ask that the drop offs are completed as quickly as possible.
All parents should be aware that priority in the bus loop is given to the buses!!