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School History And Tradition

On September 4, 1956, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School opened its doors to the children of its parish community. Every attempt was made to locate the elementary school close to the church rather than in its present northerly location.
In 1951, the church attempted to get the Forest Hills Separate School Board to help establish a separate school in the area, but the Board was bound by an agreement with the Toronto and Suburban Separate Board until 1953. The school first opened with a staff of three teachers and an enrollment of 162 pupils. Lay people were first employed to teach the students, one of the three being a parishioner.

The church was built in honour of our Blessed Mother. Our parish was in the care of the Redemptorists for 45 years until the parish was entrusted to the Archdiocese of Toronto.


Origins of the School Crest:

Our Lady of the assumption school crest
The school crest was designed in May 2003.  Its design was a joint effort between the staff and the Catholic School Advisory Council.  Inspiration for the design was supplied by a Sister of the Daughters of St. Paul.  Blue and white are the colours of the crest.  Mary wore these colours during the ascension into Heaven.  The blue “M” with the white lily is the symbol of Mary.  The heart, cross and anchor represents faith, hope and charity and is the symbol of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.


Our Lady of The Assumption Feast Day:

The feast of Mary’s ascension into Heaven is celebrated on August 15.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, led a good and holy life.  She never sinned.  God gave Mary a wonderful gift at the end of her life.  God brought Mary’s body and soul into Heaven.  God’s taking of Mary into Heaven is called the Assumption.  On this feast day, we honour Mary and remember how God honoured her.  She was happy to be with Jesus again in Heaven.