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Our Lady of The Assumption School fosters students’ excellence in academics, facilitates students’ faith development and makes every effort to provide a safe learning environment for all of its members.

Our Lady of The Assumption School offers many exciting educational programs to meet the needs of all of its students.  Some examples include:

  • Special Education Programming services; (available to service students from grades four through eight)
  • Fifth Block Program; (a primary literacy intervention program)
  • ESL; (programming for our newly arrived students whose mother language is not English)
  • Scientist in the School; (a specialty science workshop offered to all grades at least once per year to support the Ontario science curriculum)
  • Curriculum Night; (an annual open house for the parents and families of our students)
  • Family Math Night; (an annual mathematics night for the families of our grades one through six students)

Moreover, as part of our commitment to academics, Our Lady of The Assumption School hosts the board’s annual W5H tournament for junior as well as intermediate teams.