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Artwork Created for Toronto Police 13 Division


The original painting was presented to Toronto Police and is on display at 13 Division (Allen and Eglinton).  It was created in honor of the connection our police liaison officers have with our students in the community.  It also represents the importance of community policing.  The unveiling of the painting was delivered with a speech written by Nane Zaadorian during Police Week.  It was present to the Division Sargeant and several officers including Officer Mike.  The students were very excited about this opportunity and ecstatic that our painting is hanging in a public community space.
Lead Artists:
Ms. Ivana Sergnese – Teacher Artist
Nane Zadoorian
Karen Schilling
Tais Vargas
Caitlyn LeBlanc-Carr
Secondary Artists:
Bruna DaSilva
Mikaela Santos
Maeson Villa-Real
Angelina Delos Trino
Nash Lacsa
Christopher Lazaro
Javaunie Campbell