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Dress Code
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The Toronto Catholic District School Board implemented an Appropriate Dress Code in all of its elementary schools in September 2011.

The Appropriate Dress Code consists of any combination of white and navy blue garments (e.g. plain white top, navy blue bottom or, navy blue top and bottom, no denim). Parents are encouraged to speak to their local school principal for details.
For more information on the appropriate dress code for elementary schools, click here.
Where to Buy Clothes: Parents may purchase their children’s white or navy blue tops and navy bottoms at any department store or clothing store.
What Clothes to Buy: In a Catholic schools where values and respect for self and others are emphasized, parents are asked to be careful when choosing appropriate clothing items. Clothes should be modest, loose fitting and comfortable for students to wear and be active in. For clothing options please refer to the Dress Code Policy Chart.
Financial Assistance: Our school and CSPC are committed to our appropriate dress code policy and will assist parents who have financial difficulties in meeting the policy. Inquiries can be confidentially made through your child’s teacher or directly to the school principal.
Dress Code Chart - What to Wear - What NOT to Wear
White/Blue Tops Includes:
1. Polo Shirts/Golf Shirts/Collared Shirts — May be navy blue or white.
2. Sweaters/Vests/Fleece Tops
Must be navy blue unless purchased from school supplier.
·         No logos except the school log can be worn on any shirts, vests, or sweaters.
·         There can be no piping (except matching navy blue or white) on any shirt, vests, or sweater.
·         Shirts may be navy blue or white.
·         Sweaters and vests purchased from retailers (without school crest) must be navy blue.
Navy Bottoms Includes:
·         shorts,
·         skorts,
·         skirts,
·         tunic dress, and
·         cargo pants
·         Walking shorts are to be mid-thigh or longer
·         Skorts are skirts with shorts sewn inside
·         Cargo pants are % length pants or full length pants that the bottoms can be zipped off to make them into shorts
·         Skirts and tunic dresses need to be modest, knee or slightly above the knee in length
·         Wearing shorts underneath skirts and dresses is recommended
·         Tunic dresses are solid plain navy blue and worn with plain white tops underneath
·         Sweat pants with pockets, elastic band waist, and no cuff are permitted for students in Grades JK to Grade 3.
Other clothing items include:
·         Tights & socks
·         Shoes
·         Socks, that can be seen, can be solid white or solid navy blue. Tights must be navy blue
·         No flip-flops, sandals, or open-toe shoes are to be worn. Shoes and sneakers may be any colour.
·         Belts are optional. Belts, when worn, are to be black.
What Not to Wear
• Denim/jeans, fleece sweat pants, vinyl material like wind pants (outdoor wear)
• Clothing with visible labels, logos of any size, contrasting colours, coloured buttons or stitching, stripes or detailing • Hats and sunglasses (outdoor wear)
• Flip flops and slip on sandals without straps
• Mini-skirts, halter-tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, t-shirts with vulgar sayings
• Clothing with tears/holes
• Oversized clothing (shirts to the knee, pants hanging low and off the waist
During the year dress down or non-dress code days will be planned. These days will be noted in the school calendar and student agendas at the beginning of the year so parents and students can be prepared. Students have the option of wearing the dress code or regular clothes which may include coloured clothing, denim/jeans, and logos. All other guidelines for what is not included should be followed. Students should be modestly dressed in keeping with our Catholic values.