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For Parents

First Aid News and Tips


Be aware that there are children who suffer from severe and life-threatening allergic reactions to the ingestion of specific substances such as peanut and other nut products. Therefore, we endeavour to keep our school nut and peanut free.

We remind parents and guardians that items containing nuts should not be used in any form for lunches, snacks, or treats.


Any medication required by a student must be taken directly to the office with full written instructions. Prior to school supervision of medication taken, parents are required to complete a "Consent for Medication Form", signed by a doctor. The school must be made aware of any student with severe allergies, especially those requiring an epi-pen or asthma inhaler.

Where it is absolutely necessary for the school to administer such medication, written authorization is required to do so. Authorization forms are available at the school office. The specific medical needs must be discussed with the principal.

All medication is stored in and administer by the office. No medication should be sent to school without the knowledge and permission of the office staff.

Parents MUST inform the school of any allergies.

Snack Club

Good nutrition means good learning! In order to help ensure that all students have food in the morning when much learning takes place, our school runs a daily snack program.
Snacks are delivered before the AM recess (and mid-afternoon for PM Kindergarten students). Snacks consist of two of the following combinations: fruits/vegetables (e.g., banana, apple, carrot sticks), a grain product with filling (e.g., crackers and cheese, egg salad, grilled cheese, bagel and cream cheese, pita) and a beverage (e.g., milk or juice) or yoghurt snack. NUT PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE SERVED.

There will be no fees required for the Our Lady of Victory Snack Club, although donations are greatly appreciated.