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Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School welcomed the first day of Abacus implementation in the Grade 6 classroom of Mrs. Roberston and mme. Bangala. Visitors consisted of Mr. Kwon-principal, Jodelyn Huang-Community Relations officer TCDSB, Marilena Sebastiano: Literacy/Numeracy/Student Success teacher.
The virtual abacus was used to guide students through an actual orientation of the abaci, examining the number and arrangement of beads in the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands columns and the movement of the beads in relation to the answer bar to represent numbers from 1 to 1000. Students were given feedback to correct basic surface knowledge and application issues
Next students were guided through modelling and shared solving of a three digit and 2-digit addition equation: 234 + 45, modelling and clarifying the need to use strategies like moving and regrouping, and movement of beads from left to right
Feedback and additional support was given from the literacy/numeracy coach and the classroom teacher while students were engaged in solving the addition and subtraction equations using the abaci for situations that did and did not involve regrouping.
There was a noticeable level of confidence in the students, and their ability to manipulate the beads with full understanding of the actual value of the digits, subitizing and how the abacus can aid in accurate calculation.