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Once again, Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School became a bustling hub of scientific exploration and inquiry, as students from Grades 7 and 8 hosted Ms. Price, teacher colleagues and Grade 11 and 12 Physics students from Senator O’Connor Catholic Secondary to take part in our annual science fair. Ms. Price and her delegation of trained student judges visited each project with the goal of evaluating the projects based on knowledge gained, information, scientific approach, collection of data, conclusions, written work, oral presentations, exhibits, effort and finally creativity and originality, of which there was an abundance. Students enthusiastically explained the premise behind their inquiry questions ranging from DNA extraction from common fruit, Code and its place in robotics, vision from animals’ perspectives, the effects of microwaves to the design of solar powered inventions which store potential energy to power common household items. Classes from each of the junior and primary divisions had time in the afternoon to sample each project’s offerings and interact with the budding young scientists. Congratulations to the students for this year’s excitement and their teacher, M. Bruno for inspiring the students to new heights!













On Thursday, February 27, 2014, Grade 7 and 8 students from Mlle. O, Mrs, Nardozi, Mme. Guirguis, Mr. Groh and M. Jean’s classes showcased a variety of innovative science projects in the library and in our technology room to members of the Our Lady of Wisdom community. Guest judges comprised of teachers and Grade 11 students from Senator O’ Connor CSS judged the projects based on the criteria of Knowledge Gained, Information, Scientific Approach, Collection of Data, Conclusions, Written Work, Oral Presentation, Exhibit, Effort, and Creativity and Originality. A special thanks to M. Bruno for his organization and preparation of the event.
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On Monday, March 2, 2015, the Grade 8 students in Mrs. Nardozi’s, M. Bruno’s and Mlle. Caroline’s classes showcased and engaged the parent community, our very own students from grades 1 to 6 and a delegation of teachers and senior level students from Senator O’Connor, led by Ms. Price with their innovative and bold science fair projects. There was a very collegial and informative exchange of information between our student scientists and our audience members to further clarify topics, methods of inquiry and the impetus for many of the interesting investigations, ranging from the effects of increased sodium levels on the speed of robotic vehicles to the effects of temperature on different types of bread. Thank you to M. Bruno and the intermediate teachers for putting together, once again, another amazing expose of scientific work!