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Technologist, Mr. Paul Davis, of TED X St. Mary’s fame and renowned for his work with agencies like the Department of national Defense, the Ontario Provincial Police and Canada Border services, visited with students from grades 4-6 and 7-8. The purpose of his visit was to educate, increase social responsibility and change actual behaviour directly related to students’ use of social network applications and online activity. Students had the opportunity to engage in a lot of introspection about their online activity, as Paul quickly assessed their level of online engagement, at times, candidly asking students who have smartphone devices why they have them and whether they and their parents are actually aware of the parameters, rules and age limits regarding social network applications. Paul also explained to students in great detail how digital trails are left and how they can be used, citing the number of digital trails a simple email can leave. Paul asked many questions which exposed significant gaps in students’ understanding of how hidden links can activate RATs (Remote Access Trojans), how Internet Service Providers keep detailed logs of students’ web activity, an overview of cyberbullying and its various manifestations, as well as, confirming what constitutes safe gaming, such as, using private servers and using white lists with people who they know. Paul left the students with the simple task of communicating what they learned about the rules of tech and what changes they will implement in their own online behaviours. We look forward to having Mr. Davis share his wisdom with our parent community during this year's Pro Grant workshop for 2017!