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      On Friday, March 13, 2015 at 10 a.m. EST, after a great deal of anticipation and excitement, at Our Lady of Wisdom CES, the intermediate students of Mme. Guirguis’ grade 7 and 8 class engaged in their first ever the first Skype exchange with French students from Ms. Delphine Meyer’s intermediate class at College Twinger in Strasbourg, France. Prior to the Skype visit, students from both schools shared questions via Google Docs and Drive. After a friendly roundabout of curiosity and introductions, students from both sides posed and responded to questions on the topic of music, ranging from pop culture, preferred genres, artists and instruments in both North America and France and whether students had any experience creating original music including composition and lyrics. It was a veritable triumph in terms of learning about Francophone culture outside of Canada, transcending physical borders, with much information and pleasantries exchanged between both schools.   


















































          On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, the Grade 5/6 class of Mlle. Caroline Schmeing engaged in their first ever Mystery Skype with  Grade 8 teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist, Paula Spring Tousignant of Hauser Junior High School in Riverside, Illinois. Students from both schools prepared and asked a series of Yes and No questions focusing on cities, languages, culture, population, demographics, major landmarks and natural features, bodies of water, river systems, migration patterns, and so forth to reveal each other’s hidden location, as well as using modern conveniences as Google Maps and websites at their fingertips. All in all, it was a successful first venture into SKYPE.
















    On Thursday, November 28, 2013, students in Mme. Habbaky’s, Mlle. Gitto’s and Mlle. Metwally’s Grade 4 classes took part in a multi-school Mystery Skype on the topic of Canadian Regions with French Immersion and Anglophone schools from Rockyview, Alberta, Prince Philip, Niagara Falls and Winnipeg. It was a collective organization effort through Skype in the Classroom and several excellent educators who were willing to try something new and encourage a climate of risk taking, specifically, Kyle Donnelly, Christine Klassesn, French Immersion teacher, Amelie Silvert and Mr. Kwon.


Students prepared clues and asked clues (les indices) about significant physical features around each region, resources and industries found in their respective regions, an explanation of an economic or environmental issue that their region is facing and one interesting fact. Students were definitely engaged and determined to find out each school’s location using the process of deduction. This signals just the beginning of Our Lady of Wisdom’s venture into technology enabled learning. Stay tuned for more.