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On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, a multitude of families of newly registered students in Junior Kindergarten arrived at Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Elementary School to take part in the Welcome to Kindergarten orientation session coordinated by Mme. Robertson with the assistance of Mme. Fotsing, Mlle. Katherine, Mme. Thokoly, and Mme. Suzan. With the help of a user-friendly passport for all activities, parents and students were actively engaged in hands-on learning centres which highlighted the importance of early literacy, showcasing read-alouds of popular books, such as, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. In addition, students and their parents experienced first-hand the value of manipulating magnetic numbers and letters in the early stages of building numeracy and literacy skills, as they were quite able to hear and work with the phonemes of spoken words and relate them to letters in written words. Students enjoyed practicing their fine motor skills in designing and creating butterfly themed arts and crafts as well as taking part in exploratory play using playdough. All in all, it was a fun filled and informative night in which parents and children had an experiential glimpse into the kindergarten program offered at Our Lady of Wisdom, coupled with an overview of procedures for staggered entry and protocol related to visiting the school.


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