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CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council


Catholic School Parent Council
The purpose of parent councils is to improve student achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.  Our parent council, known as CSPC (Catholic School Parent Council), meets regularly throughout the year to discuss matters of importance to our students and school community.  We also organize fundraising activities and use these funds to enhance our students' learning environment. 
All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings.
The members of our current Executive council are as follows:
 M. Prezens
 A. Avecillas
 A. Smithers
A. Badea
Teacher Representatives
 I. O

Non-Teaching Representative
J. Stonehouse
OAPCE Representative
V. Joyette 
Parent with Interest in Special Education Representative
Leanne Mongiat
C. McTernan

Parent Voting members for 2020-2021 include:

Nadia Athanaselos, Sheria Cotter, Melissa Prezens, Angelo Avecillas,

Bryna Crombie, Ani Smithers, Cyndy D'Alleva, Andrew Stonehouse,

Anca Badea, Nicole Kantas, Sherwin Barnes, Olinka Blanco, Lisa Landriault,

Alsha Mark, Tina Cheung, Yota Brandiferri

Please plan to join us for our meetings. It is your opportunity to become involved in your child's school.