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Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School became a virtual math playground with a remarkable number of families from both the Our Lady of Wisdom and St. Isaac Jogues Community. With math passports in hand, parents and their children travelled to each location for a new and exciting hands-on math activity problem to explore and solve. In terms of the variety of math experiences that made fun and out of the box thinking a focus, students built mathematical structures with the award-winning Zome Tools and then experienced the magic with bubbles!
LEGO Broccoli activity challenged families to build a Level 4 Green Fractal Pyramid in 15 minutes! Binary/Birthday Fun engaged students as they learned a secret and important mathematical code while guessing everyone’s birthday correctly with mathematical clues!
Our key note speaker, Mr, Sunil Singh, staff from both schools and the Our Lady of Wisdom CSPC were all key ingredients to making the night a smashing success! Sunil Singh is a leader in North American math education. Sunil is also the Ontario Account Manager for Netmath. He is fluent in four math curricula--Ontario, US Common Core, British IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. He is also a puzzle writer for The New York Times. He has worked in a diverse range of schools-- from Toronto's Regent Park to an International School in Switzerland. He now devotes his time to traveling all over Ontario and giving Family Math Nights.



On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, Our Lady of Wisdom and St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Schools hosted a phenomenal Family Math Night. Thank You to the many students and their families, parent volunteers, and staff from the Our Lady of Wisdom and St. Isaac Jogues communities who took part in Family Math Night 2015! It was truly inspiring to see parents and their children talking about and living mathematics. It was truly a blessing to witness the nurturing of children to love and engage in mathematical experiences, such as, Loose Caboose, How Many Ways Can you Make 360 Degrees, What Does a 25 Cent Pattern Look Like, Measuring Lengths with Cubes and the eclectically engaging math problems moderated by Mr. Sunil Singh from Right Angle Math. There is no doubt that everyone came away from the experience with a re-invigorated appreciation for solving problems, using mental math strategies, a greater familiarity with the spectrum of math concepts across grade divisions and sharpened math communication strategies.

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