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On October 27, 2015, throngs of families and students exercised their math brains to learn more about the abaci as a powerful tool to aid in performing math operations, such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of single and multi-digit numbers. Parents and their children were given a thorough orientation of this counting frame originating from centuries ago and still very much in use today in parts of Asia and Africa by merchants, clerks, students and the curious.


Parents and students quickly learned how to navigate the abaci and represent numbers from 0 to 1000, understanding the value of beads below and above the answer bar for each of the columns and their corresponding place value. An observable trend throughout the night was students’ and parents’ emergent mastery of the need to regroup and use mental math strategies, such as, compensation from left to right , as they manipulated the beads to add and subtract. There was a great deal of conversation around the abaci’s value as catalyst for sharpening mental math skills and computation starting from the lower primary grades and upwards!