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About Us


>Our School Creed

Welcome to Precious Blood!
In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our Mission is to educate students to their full potential by providing:
  • Leadership in the shared responsibility for education that exists among schools, students, families, parishes, and the community
  • A safe and welcoming learning evnironment that is an example of Christian community
  • Role models of Gospel Values and Catholic doctrines, teaching, and beliefs
  • Guidance in what students need to learn
  • Instruction in the learning process itself
  • Religious, academic and technological instruction
  • Integration of Catholic, Christian beliefs into the total learning experience
  • Feedback on student proficiency and performance
We envision students who:
  • Are formed in the Catholic faith
  • Apply Christian values to life's opportunities, challenges, and choices
  • Pursue academic excellence
  • Demonstrate relevent knowledge and ability
  • Display self-esteem and self-respect
  • Strive to be the best they can be
  • Demonstrate skills for developing and maintaining personal and family wellness
  • Demonstrate global perspective and community responsibility
To provide students with the qualities they will require, our Vision of TCDSB is a school system that:
  • Is Christ centered
  • Is student-focused
  • Demonstrates a clear sense of purpose
  • Is visibly and demonstrably Catholic
  • Reflects empowering leadership
  • Applies collaborative decision-making
  • Is innovative
  • Provides role models among all stakeholders for all these qualities

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Maintaining a Catholic environment which reflects strong Gospel values is the ideal through which the needs of our students are met. Our approach to meeting these needs is also based on a set of beliefs which we strive to enshrine in daily practice as we interact with our children and their parents:
  • Children expect and have a right to unconditional acceptance and unconditional positive regard from the significant people in their lives--their parents and their teachers.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and as such must remain in close contact with school personnel with regard to their child's well-being.
  • In hierarchy of needs to be met within a school community a child's needs are the highest priority.
A strong Catholic atmosphere is promoted within the school through a number of daily practices:
  • Traditional and spontaneous prayer within the classrooms--before special gatherings, morning and evening and before lunch.
  • In response to the “Born of the Spirit” catechetical program, much of the children's artwork and personal writing reflects a strong sense of the presence of God in their lives.
  • Children are often encouraged to express their reaction to special events or holidays through written or spoken prayer.
  • Major events in the church calendar (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter time) are celebrated through a variety of special events--sacrament of reconciliation, collection of food/money for charity, special liturgies, etc.
Special programs
Apart from our regular programming, a number of special programs at Precious Blood School serve the needs of our own children and children from other school communities--special education, learning disabilities, behaviour, English as a second language. Children who are identified as gifted at the end of grade 4 are served through a one day a week program at another school. We are committed to the fullest possible integration of our exceptional children and invite our parents to be an integral part of the process of assessment, identification and placement.
Safe schools
A complete a code of behaviour has been developed for the school. A safe and welcoming environment for all is our goal. Parents are encouraged to support our safe arrival program which required them to call the school before 8:45 am or 12:45 p.m. if their child is going to be absent. Attendance cards are sent to the office to be checked after this time and a phone call made to the parents if necessary.
Program enrichment
A number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities exist to enhance the regular program and provide opportunities for children to pursue particular interests. The school is very active in inter-schools competition with other Scarborough schools in sports activities at all levels. Competition with other schools also includes W5H and chess. Local initiatives include an active house league program, numerous excursions related to program content, two school choirs, a chess club, theatre productions volunteers within the school. In conjunction with Youth Link Scarborough, a peer assistance program which will involve student volunteers in grade 6,7, and 8 was developed.
Curriculum initiatives
An important objective of Precious Blood staff is to make this transition while retaining the best of what has gone before. A firm commitment to the development of basic skills will not change as we seek to develop programs in technological and computer literacy. An objective for this year is to have at least on personal computer in each classroom with a focus on simple word processing skills.