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School History And Tradition
On January 20, 1953, an indenture was signed between James and Jesse Grant of the Village of Wexford, of the township of Scarborough, and the Toronto and Suburban Separate School Board, granting this land for the simple fee of $1.00. And so we have the beginnings of Precious Blood Catholic School.
Doors were opened for the first time in September 1954 with a student enrollment of 444. Sr. St. Agnes was our first principal. Along with several other staff members over the years, Sr. St. Agnes Belonged to the Daughters of Wisdom. The number of staff in 1954 totalled 15 with only one male teacher. The school property was valued at $250,000 and the school equipment valued at $6,000.
As the suburbs grew quickly from farmlands and a dirt road (Pharmacy Ave.), so did the school population. By 1963, Precious Blood School reached an all time high enrollment of 920 students. By June 1966 work was under way for an addition to include two kindergarten rooms, a library and a gymnasium.
Over the years, Precious Blood School has seen many changes. Gradually our neighbourhood has matured and the student body has declined. A strong tradition of close contact between the school and Precious Blood Church has been maintained over the years. Today, we also enjoy a rich multicultural make-up in our school community.
At Precious Blood, in collaboration with our  Superintendent we strive to improve the overall level of students' literacy and mathematical competencies by enhancing students' reading, writing, problem solving skills through an interdisciplinary approach and a variety of experiences.  Our teaching and learning incorporates 21st century content, global perspectives, learning skills, resources and technologies as well as LSA (Leading Student Achievement) academic press initiatives, whereby staff and students set high but achievable goals and standards. Staff members have participated in the development of our School Learning Improvement Plan and our Student-Led Learning Walks. Students, staff and community partners routinely engage in rich relevant tasks and share a common understanding of the learning goals whereby ongoing descriptive feedback is based on co-created success criteria. We are pleased to say that our Catholic Graduate Expectations and School Effectiveness Framework components are embedded in our Student-Led Learning Walks!
A strong culture of learning is developed through ongoing staff professional development in an inclusive environment that reflects the strengths, needs and learning preferences of all staff. Instruction and assessment are differentiated in response to strengths, needs and prior learning of all students. Staff members, as a matter of practice, lead and participate in “Open Space” staff meeting opportunities throughout the academic year. Staff and students are currently learning through K-1 and Grade 7-8 Collaborative Inquiry, D2L (Desire to Learn/Blended Learning), Math Study, SSLN (Secondary School Learning Network) Rocket Launching Initiative.
We have four FDELKP (Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program) classes engaging in intentional play-based learning and inquiry learning with a Reggio Inspired approach!   Our  Settlement Worker provides continued support for newcomers to our Precious Blood Catholic School community. 
Our Christian community spirit is immense.  Our staff, students, parents, Parish Priest along with our local community partners work together to sustain a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment.  Our Christian values including Faith, Hope and Charity are grounded in our monthly Catholic virtue and ‘Sharing Our Learning’ assemblies and celebrations.
We are pleased that students are demonstrating leadership skills and participating as caring community members through: Student Council, E-CSLIT (Elementary Catholic School Leadership Impact Team), Safe School Action Team, ‘Me to We’, Litter-less Lunches, Angel Ambassadors, Food Drive, Respecting Our Seniors Program and more!  
Our CSPC (Catholic School Parent Council) members work together with staff, Student Council, parents and our local community partners to support meaningful learning opportunities for all our students. We continue to invite community members to attend our school events which celebrate and embrace our differences. We are excited to continue to learn as a Catholic community embracing 21st century fluencies of creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and digital and media awareness!
Parents and guardians are an integral part of our community in building partnerships to enhance learning opportunities for all our students.