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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Mock Trial​

Grade Six students participated in the Mock Trial program sponsored by the Ontario Bar Association. Two lawyers Ms. Allison Williams and Ms. Chengyue Zhang volunteered their time to instruct and inform the students about Ontario law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how it applies to them. As well, they provided guidance and a judicial outcome to the Mock Trial participants. The following is a press release of the outcome to the Mock Trial:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 is the day that the Mock Trial for R v Quirky occurred. Quirky, an alien from the planet Muzak, went to an electronic store and stole an item. The item that he stole was an iPad. On his planet you don’t pay for anything, so when Quirky saw the iPad he decided to just take it. Mrs. Jones, the store owner, stopped him and called the police. Quirky was charged for taking property for under $5,000. In today’s trial, Ms. Allison Williams was the judge. The lawyers asked questions that didn’t seem appropriate for what they needed to ask. Some of them asked similar questions each time another witness went up to the stand. When we were at the trial some of the lawyers did not seem prepared.


During the trial the defence witnesses seemed very convincing that Quirky is innocent.The crown witnesses didn’t seem as convincing. The witnesses for the defence are Quirky, Zirky and Mr. Noodles.The witnesses for the crown are Constable Chen, Mrs. Jones and Mr. Smith. The lawyers did not ask that many questions for each witness, which made the trial shorter than anticipated.


Conclusion: The jury and the judge concluded that Quirky is guilty. His consequence is for him to do two days of community service and to write a letter of apology to Mrs. Jones. Our opinion is that Quirky should have been chosen as innocent but it has already been decided.


Reported by Kaera P. and Rachelle D.