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Toronto Catholic District School Board

​The Humboldt Broncos Jersey Day
​​   Jersey Day, both a day of sadness and joy, was shared by Mr. Sedef's Grade Seven class. While most people were remembering and supporting the Humboldt Broncos, something a little special happened to our class. On that day, CBC News came to interview and film our class.
   We all wore our jerseys while the news crew filmed us. They observed and filmed our special little memorial outside our classroom, even a few of us were interviewed by the CBC News crew. I was proud to see them care about what we 13 year olds thought about this terrible tragedy, even if our story was not broadcast on the News. 
   It is inspiring how something this awful can bring people together to try and help the survivors and their families. While the surviving team members struggle in the hospital, I believe that all our love and support will nourish them with the hope and strength they need during this challenging time in their lives. Our thoughts and prayers to you Humboldt Broncos. 
Evan P. (Grade Seven)