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​Opening School Mass

​ Students, staff and parents gathered in the school gym to celebrate the opening mass for the school year. Father Xavier De Pinto very kindly offered to celebrate mass in the school gym rather than in the parish church due to the sidewalk construction along Pharmacy. As well, Chico Nuguid provided the music and singing for the liturgy. Father Xavier in his homily spoke about the great works of St. Vincent De Paul whose feast day was on September 27th, the same day as the school mass. The school community thanks both Father Xavier and Chico for giving their time in providing the students, staff and parents with a eucharistic liturgy, and for Mr. Sedef and his class who assisted with the prayers and readings. 
On September 27th, The Precious Blood students gathered in the gym to celebrate the Opening School Mass led by Father Xavier and Brother Chico. Mr. Sedef’s class helped Brother Chico and Father Xavier with the mass. Three readers were chosen Vera, Nathalia and Sevag. Our school leaders Mrs. Gomes and Mr. McMullen distributed Holy Communion to the group. At the end of the mass our principal, Mrs. Gomes thanked Brother Chico and Father Xavier for coming to our school to share the Gospel and words of Our Lord. Also, all the Edge students (altar servers), Mr. McMullen and Mrs. Gomes had a picture taken together with Father Xavier and Brother Chico. It was a great morning for the Precious Blood School Community!
By Nathalia C. Gr.7
Father Xavier De Pinto is depicted delivering his homily to the staff and students.
Chico Nuguid is seen here playing his guitar and leading the singing at the Opening School Mass.