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Three Schools' Paraliturgy​ with Bishop Nguyen
A few weeks ago, Bishop Vincent Nguyen had expressed his desire to our Parish Priest Fr. Xavier De Pinto, that he wished to meet with our school communities.
On Friday, March 22nd 2019, this became a reality when the students and staff of St. Catherine's, St. Kevin's and Precious Blood gathered together for a Paraliturgy at the Precious Blood Church where we met with the Bishop for the first time! The Lenten Paraliturgy was led by his Lordship, Bishop Vincent Nguyen. The students and staff were extremely excited to meet Bishop Vincent Nguyen and he gracefully connected with the students in a meaningful way and explained his role to them. He also enlightened them to why and when he wears the mitre and carries a staff (crozier) with him. The three school communities left feeling both, fascinated and enlightened with the Bishop’s humility and his graceful presence.   
A special thanks is attributed to Fr. Xavier De Pinto for connecting with the three school principals to organize the Paraliturgy. The musicians, Mr. Chico Nuguid (Parish Youth Minister), Mr. William Soraine (St. Kevin's), and the children's choir conducted by Mrs. Adele Soraine (Precious Blood) are also thanked as they contributed in a melodious way to the Paraliturgy.​
 Mrs. C. Gomes