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Grade Six Science - Lemon Battery Experiment


On Tuesday, November 5th, Grade six students, as part of their science course, participated in a lemon battery experiment. In order to conduct a successful experiment, students had to build a series circuit using the materials of: alligator clip wires, four lemons, galvanized nails, copper coins and one small LED. The goal of the experiment was to convert chemical energy from the four lemons to electrical energy to make a glow in the small LED.
To our surprise all five groups were able to complete the experiment successfully. Once my group was able to problem solve the outcome for the experiment, we were able to share the knowledge with the other groups. Then we decided to add a fifth lemon to our experiment, and observed a brighter glow coming from the LED. Also, we attached a volt meter to measure the voltage in the circuit, which recorded a reading of four volts. The experiment was a lot of fun and helped our class to understand how a series circuit works.
By Jaemy M.  Gr 6