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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Learning Walk 

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Enter the 21st Century
Parent/Teacher interviews are catching up to the students and the 21st Century. At Precious Blood Catholic School in Scarborough, parents experienced an innovative opportunity at the school’s first Parent/Teacher interviews on November 14th and 15th .Not only did parents get some one-on-one time with their child’s teacher, they were also taken on a “Student-Led Learning Walk”, conducted by their child.
What’s so special about this? The students did the talking, telling their parents about how their learning experience transformed their thinking. In addition, parents literally saw the entire curriculum as it evolves from grade to grade: for instance, how Data Management is taught or how French and Science are connected.
In the inter-connected world of the 21st Century, students need to be skilled communicators, who work collaboratively to build new knowledge. These learning walks, and the student work showcased, demonstrate how we are teaching these skills to the students at Precious Blood.
“A Student-Led Learning Walk helps dispel the mystery of the curriculum and surprises for parents as their children progress from Kindergarten to Grade 8”, says program creator and school principal, Mirella Rossi.
Parents were provided with brochures that not only describe the school’s curriculum areas of focus, but provided them with specific tips from their child’s teachers.
This was parent and school community engagement at its best!

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