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Catholic Education Week



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Szekeres Milne, Emmy (Communications)

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Celebrating Catholic Education Week

Harmonizing Faith Through Family, Parish School

Father Steven Dickson, St. Catherine and Precious Blood school communities collaborate in Student Led Learning Walk at Precious Blood Catholic Church. Join us for Family Mass on Sunday May 3 (8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM) immediately followed by a SLLW in the church hall. Students will guide you through learning and faith formation…visibly harmonizing home, parish and church!


The SLLW will be open for visitors during Catholic Education Week. Contact Principal Rossi or Vice Principal Pasia at (416) 393-5258 to arrange a visit.


The Student Led Learning Walk (SLLW) is a collaborative, innovative, expeditionary, culturally relevant, community and pedagogical approach to 21st Century global learning. Come “See” “Think” and “Wonder” as St. Catherine, Precious Blood and Father Steven Dickson collaborate to engage in a SLLW at Precious Blood Parish! Our interconnected big idea: ”How do you imbue faith in the curriculum?” Interrelated Learning Goals, Success Criteria, Descriptive Feedback, Virtues, Catholic Social Teachings, Catholic Graduate Expectations are communicated through student voice and engagement. We envision all our schools journeying together and creating the conditions to engage in Student Led Learning Walks as a matter of routine practice… a place where cultures are transformed and learning comes alive!


Father Steve opened up the church in preparation for Catholic Education Week, and a student led learning walk.


Part of the display at the church for Catholic Education Week.


God is my rock: connecting science and faith


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