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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Father Francis Ching's Visit to Precious Blood
Father Francis, who is a Companions of the Cross priest at St. Timothy's Parish, visited Precious Blood to speak to the students about the Virtue of Compassion. His visit allowed students from Grades 6 to 8 to engage in a question and answer session in the gym before the main virtue of the month assembly was scheduled to take place.
As well, Father Francis spoke about his path to the priesthood and his acceptance of being blind. He told the students and staff about his reliance on technology to be able to say his daily prayers and celebrate the Mass. He uses bluetooth technology, so that the prayers and the Mass can be read out to him from the ipad, and he in turn can speak them out to the congregation.
In the main assembly, Father Francis joined Father Steve in handing out the Virtue of the Month certificates, and as well availed of the opportunity to speak