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Precious Blood Winter Carnaval 2017
Precious Blood Catholic School organized and hosted its annual Carnaval celebration. 
A variety of events took place over the week. We started off the Carnaval festivities this year with Red & White Day and Find Bonhomme. On Friday Feb. 24th we had our First Nations Inspired Play Day for all our classes.  Our Play Day was extra special this year because Mickeey from TVO Kids came to visit us at Precious Blood School.  Mickeey experienced many of our Carnaval games and events with some special students and Bonhomme.
  Precious Blood School was featured on T.V. during the “My Space” portion of the program. In case you missed it, check out the video clips on our school website.
  We also want to say thanks to our CSPC for providing a hot chocolate station as part of our Winter Play Day, a great way for students and teachers to warm up from being outside. On Monday we all wore our comfy and cozy PJ’s to school.  Our final event was our Pancake Day/Mardi Gras celebration, which was enjoyed by both students and staff here at Precious Blood.  Yummy pancakes and syrup were served all day.  It was a sweet and delicious experience had by all!  SALUT (French Bingo) was played every day in the afternoon.
  Carnaval is a celebration of French culture enjoyed by all!  We look forward to organizing future Carnaval celebrations in the years to come here at PBS.  A special thanks goes to CSPC, Griffith Laboratoires and PBS staff members who offered their support and assistance in making this event a success.
Merci et Joyeux Carnaval 2017!
Mme Iula-Lombardi, Mme McLean, Mme Omondi and Mr. Vigliatore