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Remembrance Day



This Remembrance Day, Precious Blood was privileged to have a very special guest visit come to the school. Sergeant Mitchell Lee spoke to the students over the public address system about what Remembrance Day meant to him. Three of the Grade Eight students were appointed to walk around the school and introduced him to all the students. The students were incredibly enthusiastic when they saw him and Sergeant Lee as well responded happily.
At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh minute, we had a special ceremony on the PA. The whole school stood silently for two minutes to commemorate the soldiers that fought for our country. A few of the Grade Eight students led the commemoration with a meaning prayer, “The Last Post” and the lyrics of the song, “A Pittance of Time.”
At the end, we listened to the inspirational speech delivered by our guest, Sergeant Lee. All students and staff greatly appreciated Sergeant Lee for taking the time out of his day to spend time at Precious Blood. It was a speech that would be remembered by many.
By Jenefar D. (Grade 8)



Sergeant Mitchell Lee with Ms. Brown's Grade 3 students