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Quizson and mother on computer

Here’s a short quiz taken from the The Concerned Parents Guide to Kids and the Internet
How many hours does your child spend each weekday after school on:

1) Homework: __
2) Sports:__
3) Online play (chats, games, music, etc.):__
4) Video games:__
5) Watching TV:__
6) Playing with friends:__
Generally, hours spent on each should be balanced and pure entertainment activities should be treated as a “reward.” If an imbalance exists, you need to get more involved in managing your child’s after-school activities.
1) How much time do you spend helping with homework?
A) A lot B) Some C) It’s their homework, not mine!
2) How often do you go to your child’s sporting events?
A) Every game B) Sometimes C) I only watch the pros
3) Do you monitor your child’s Internet use?
A) Frequently B) Sometimes C) We have a computer?
4) Do you use Parental Controls?
A) Always B) Sometimes C) Thanks for reminding me
5) How much one-on-one time do you spend with your child weekly?
A) Hours B) Minutes C) I sometimes say goodnight
6) How much do you know about your kid’s friends and their folks?
A) Everything B) Some of their names C) Friends?
Don’t worry, there aren’t any right or wrong answers, although extremes should be avoided. Being overly engaged in your child’s life can be as troublesome as being too disengaged.
Be especially on the lookout for trouble-inducing combinations — such as a child who’s always out with friends and a parent who’s never met any of them, or a techno-phobe parent of a compulsive online gamer. These matches may need some outside help.
Lots of helpful tools exist, thankfully, to keep your kids’ online time in balance. Services like AOL, for example, make setting up and running Internet timers and Parental Controls a snap.