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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Student Led Learning Walk_February 2017
This was our second Student Led Learning Walk for the school year. It was held in the school gym from Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17.
For this time, the theme was based on the educational theory of Jerome Bruner, which provided teachers and students greater flexibility in choosing their activities for the SLLW. In the previous SLLWs, a singular mathematics' strand was chosen for the whole school, and teachers and students would create projects based on that theme.
To understand Jerome Bruner's three stages of learning, the following excerpt has been included from Jerome Bruner's book, The Philosophical Insights from Jerome Bruner:
"A major theme observed through Jerome Bruner’s studies is that, as cognitive growth occurs, students move through three stages of learning: enactive, iconic, and symbolic. In the enactive stage, students begin to develop understanding through active manipulation.Therefore, students at the enactive stage should be given the opportunity to “play” with the materials in order to fully understand how it works. In the second stage, iconic, students are capable of making mental images of the material and no longer need to manipulate them directly. Here students are able to visualize concrete information. The symbolic is the final stage in which students can use abstract ideas to represent the world. For example, students are able to evaluate, judge, and think critically.[10] Students must go through all of these stages successively in order to connect new ideas and concepts if they are to generate their own understanding."
When you view the SLLW, you will notice that on most charts, there is a reference to the three stages of learning.
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