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Toronto Catholic District School Board

November 2015 Student Led Learning Walk

The first Student Led Learning Walk of the new school year was held during the week of November 9 to 13. The theme of the SLLW was Data Management, which allowed all classes to explore gra​phing in many different forms such as bar graphs, line graphs, and pie graphs.  In several of the graphs, it was clearly evident that they were based on primary data from student survey findings.  

aA  A Reflection on Mr. Bird's Grade 4/5 class's Contribution to the SLLW

With data management as our central theme, Mr. Bird's class decided to organize important Blue Jays' statistics using a variety of charts and graphs. Students voted on which stats they would be graphing, and in groups decided upon the most effective graphing method for that particular statistic.Examples included the use of a pictograph to display player batter average, a bar graph with intervals to display runs scored per game, and a broken liine graph for wins per month. Coming off a very successful season, students showed enthusiasm in celebrating the Blue Jays' achievements through data management and graphing.