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About Us

Mission Statement

In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, the mission of Prince of Peace, in harmony with the mission of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, is to educate students to their full potential. This is achieved by providing a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of a Christian community, by the integration of Gospel Values into the total learning experience and by providing continual feedback on students’ progress.  We seek to provide a Catholic education that will enable our students to become responsible, self-disciplined, life-long learners and members of a caring local and global community.


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

The student population at Prince of Peace Catholic School has a strong representation of many cultures from around the world, particularly Asia.   Regardless of a student's origin, we believe in the uniqueness of each child. We recognize each child has individual talents, abilities and special needs. We strive to assist all the students in our charge to grow and flourish in an accepting and nourishing school environment.

The common element for our families is the Christian Catholic faith which the school staff nurtures and shares. The Born of the Spirit catechetical program is the foundation of our religious education instruction. It provides a daily guide for our teachers to help instruct our children in the beliefs and practices of the Catholic church. These values, beliefs and commitments are reinforced through shared liturgies, spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Efforts such as raising funds for ShareLife and participating in food drives, are expressions of Gospel values reflected in daily school life.

Fostering a safe and welcoming learning environment is a reflection of the Mission statement of the board and a school objective. We have a daily safe arrival program where, after taking attendance, we contact all parents of absent children to assure their safety.

At Prince of Peace we are an inclusive community.  We are proud to be wheelchair accessible, to host a Multiple Exceptionalities Classroom and to provide daily Special Education instruction to identified and struggling students.  We are committed to continuously learn and work cooperatively with all partners in education to improve student learning.  

Within the school every effort is made to attend to the physical, social and health needs of each child. We actively work to keep parents apprised of issues and situations which might impact on their children.

Student behavioral expectations are clearly defined. Expectations regarding student deportment are communicated through class lessons, announcements, individual student/teacher interviews and in class discussion.

We provide opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Arts activities such as band, choir and drama are provided as well as a full sports program.