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Principal`s Message
 Welcome to Prince of Peace Community news!
Our school community is comprised of staff, students, parents and guardians who value Catholic education and strive to work in partnership to help each child achieve success. Every month our school board shines a spotlight on a Catholic virtue that we all try to emphasize in our day to day lives. It is my belief that we are a caring, supportive community in which children feel safe and nurtured. This school truly values the 3 C’s: community, compassion, and communication.
Our staff works diligently to create a rich educational experience for each child. The Ontario Curriculum is a comprehensive, challenging, and complex one that provides excellent learning goals and expectations for the students of this province. Along with these expectations, our teaching staff strives to enhance school life through various sporting, leadership, social justice and extended extra-curricular activities.
In order to gain a better sense of ongoing activities, please peruse the Monthly Newsletter section of this website.
We ask that parents review school expectations that are written in each child’s agenda. This book should clarify school routines and guidelines. Teachers also use this as an ongoing tool to help organize academic needs and to ensure communication between home and school. A copy of this is also posted on this website.
We begin our Second Year in our Pastoral Plan : Rooted in Christ, We Believe..
We acknowledge that our belonging to God also shapes our perspectives on what we do and how we do it. As a community of believers, we celebrate Christ who is always present with us as the source and summit of our Christian life. Christ is present as the one around whom we build relationships; we celebrate our dignity, heal our differences, reconcile conflicts and move on to a better future for all.

Around him, we build a community of disciples united in love. The tree symbolizes that this relationship is not one dimensional, but has both vertical and horizontal dimensions, mirroring the Cross. Therefore, our belief connects us to the two sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
As people of faith, we must believe in who we are. These perspectives help to define our beliefs in Catholic values, family values and ultimately, belief in our Catholic education system.
Prince of Peace School is committed to our faith and along with Father Lorenzo Salandanan Pastor of Prince of Peace Catholic Church we bridge the home-school-parish connection by attending monthly masses, welcoming The Ladies of the Rosary, and hosting various church events. 
Although this website provides a snapshot of our daily life, we encourage parents to set up an appointment to visit the school to truly develop a sense of who we are and what we do. 
Florence Connolly