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Principal`s Message
 Welcome to Prince of Peace Community news!
Our school community is comprised of staff, students, parents and guardians who value Catholic education and strive to work in partnership to help each child achieve success. Every month our school board shines a spotlight on a Catholic virtue that we all try to emphasize in our day to day lives. It is my belief that we are a caring, supportive community in which children feel safe and nurtured. This school truly values the 3 C’s: community, compassion, and communication.
Our staff works diligently to create a rich educational experience for each child. The Ontario Curriculum is a comprehensive, challenging, and complex one that provides excellent learning goals and expectations for the students of this province. Along with these expectations, our teaching staff strives to enhance school life through various sporting, leadership, social justice and extended extra-curricular activities.
In order to gain a better sense of ongoing activities, please peruse the Monthly Newsletter section of this website.
Throughout the last three years, we have seen our schools come together in a wide variety of ways that demonstrate our collective commitment to putting faith into action, living our Catholic values and inspiring our students to achieve our Catholic Graduate Expectations. Our Pastoral Plan for 2021-2024 is "Walking with Christ."

Walking with Christ

↳Year 1: with eyes of faith & hope

↳Year 2: with hearts of kindness & love

↳Year 3: with minds of justice & peace

Through eyes of faith and hope​, we are invited to realize our Catholic call to service as we continue to be caring, compassionate and faithful members of our global community. 
With hearts of kindness and love, we walk with Christ on the path of charity, deepening our sense of understanding, belonging and care for one another in our parishes, our homes, our schools and the greater community. 
With minds of justice and peace, we are called to demonstrate advocacy with courage and wisdom, and take important steps to promote equity, acceptance and belonging to create a kinder, more inclusive world.
Our TCDSB community continues to reflect our Catholic values, rooted in the love of Christ, through our everyday actions. We each have a unique and important role to play in bringing our pastoral plan to life in our schools, offices, and the greater community.
Let us continue to demonstrate our commitment to student success and well-being, and a devotion to our Catholic faith as we walk with Christ throughout the next three years.
Florence Connolly