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CSPC- Catholic School Parent Council


Parents are the primary educators of the students who attend Catholic schools. In partnership with their local Catholic school and parish community, parents continue the work of raising their children in an environment shaped by Catholic beliefs and traditions to reach their full potential.

The Catholic School Parent Council of the school provides a vehicle for participation by parents and guardians in the advisory and decision making process of their school.
We invite all parents to attend CSPC meetings to stay involved in your child’s education and to participate at Prince of Peace. 

Every Fall CSPC co-ordinates a major fundraiser to support various initiatives throughout the school year.  This year we held a Dance-A-Thon.

Some of the ways the funds raised are used:

•    Scientist in the School Presentations
•    Drama and Dance Presentations
•    Subsidize busses for school excursions
•    Play Day
•    Offset costs of Grade 8 Graduation
•    Purchase of classroom resources
We thank and congratulate the following CSPC Members:
Chair: D. Smilth
Treasurer: A. Chan
Secretary: S. Tham/R. Cudiamat
Community Representative: M. Iskander
Teaching Representatives: J. Fenton and L. Prescod


Our First AGM and Election was be held on:
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 7:00pm.
Newly 'elected' members are posted above.
Next meeting date is:
Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 6:00p.m.
All parents are welcome to attend!


CSAC POP Annual Review 2013 to 2014.pdfCSAC POP Annual Review 2013 to 2014.pdf

CSAC POP Financial 2013 to 2014.pdfCSAC POP Financial 2013 to 2014.pdf


 POP  CSAC  Constitution and Bylaws 2015.pdfPOP CSAC Constitution and Bylaws 2015.pdf


Please note our Board is looking for input on CSPC Policy. Please check the Board website for further information and deadlines. Thank you!