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Toronto Catholic District School Board


School History And Tradition


Regina Mundi Catholic School opened in October 1974 in a relocatable building with 400 students, 200 more than the estimated projection. The students and staff worked in two open area pods, one for primary grades 1-3 and the other for grades 4-8, while the kindergartens shared two classrooms. The school community was primarily first generation Canadian of Italian descent.


Our Patron Saint, Queen of the World, Regina Mundi feast day is celebrated on August 22. 


In 1997 the original relocatable was dismantled and replaced with a new addition to the existing building. In 2004, the original pods of the school were closed.  All classrooms in the school had four walls.



It is expected that by the end of  2018, Regina Mundi students will be relocated to the better facilities offered in the current Dante Alighieri school building and allow our elementary school to continue to grow. The acquisition of lands from Villa Charities also benefits Regina Mundi students as it creates a large and continuous 15.9 acre site for use by both schools.