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Principal`s Message


Sacred Heart Catholic School is a vibrant community of dynamic and hard working educators, polite and intelligent students and caring parents.  We are very proud to be a diverse community that proudly celebrates our unity.

As staff, we are committed to providing the students with a safe and stimulating learning environment.  As a Catholic School community, we strive to model the teachings of Jesus in our interactions with one another.   The school has developed a creed which expresses what we believe and value here at Sacred Heart School. 


Sacred Heart Creed

As students of Sacred Heart Catholic School, we believe in one God and His only Son, our Saviour.  We believe that we are unique beings who have faith.  We acknowledge that, by being Christ-like we will succeed.

We believe that Sacred Heart is a place where everyone is fairly treated and accepted just the way they are.

We believe that all students have a right to learn so that they are prepared for the future.

We believe that there should be an atmosphere of trust in our school community.

We believe that students and teachers are partners who help each other.

We believe that at Sacred Heart all of our efforts and actions should be directed towards making us responsible, caring people.

We believe that all students should be able to express their opinions in a positive manner.

We believe that Sacred Heart is a place where all students feel welcome and are encouraged to achieve their goals.

We believe in ourselves and in doing our best.


We believe in the rights of others and in respecting differences.

We believe that students should have boundaries or limits set in the classroom as well as the schoolyard.

We believe that our faith and our Catholicity should be visible wherever we may be.