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At Sacred Heart Catholic School children regularly hear their message that their job is to learn.  Providing our children with a strong academic program is a top priority here at our school.  Classroom time is structured so that each day there are large instructional blocks devoted to both Language Arts and Mathematics.

Each year, staff set goals to enhance the Literacy and Numeracy skills of the students in our school.  The Language Arts Program for children in grades 1-3 is based on the Comprehensive Literacy program developed by our school board.  This excellent approach to language instruction reflects Ministry of Education Language Arts Expectations and the most current educational research.  Using a very balanced approach, students are provided with opportunities for Guided, Shared and Individual Reading and Writing.  There is also a strong emphasis on Phonics with a very systematic approach to ensuring that children learn letter names and letter sounds. 

In the Junior and Intermediate grades, our Literacy Program is based the Literacy in the Middle model. Language Instruction is broken down into 2 major areas, Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop.
Our Numeracy program is highly interactive where children are regularly provided with opportunities to solve problems both in small groups and individually.  Using math manipulatives, children are encouraged to not only find the answers to problems presented but to explain their thinking using words, numbers and pictures.

Here at Sacred Heart School we use numerous forms of assessment to inform our instruction.  By analyzing our results from large scale and classroom assessments, we learn to identify areas where students are strong and also those areas where further instruction and additional support is required.  Our ultimate goal is to improve student learning.