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Admissions And Registration
TC​DSB Grade 8 students begin the application process to secondary school in October. Students will receive all information and direction from their elementary school.  You will find below information about AP at Senator O'Connor College School.
We thank all students and parents who attended our AP/Gifted Parents' Night on Thursday, September 19, 2019. This informational evening celebrated many aspects of the AP community at O'Connor and we were delighted you were able to share in our festivities.
We also thank all the prospective AP candidates who attended our Grade 8 Open House on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. We look forward to reading your applications.  

If you missed our Open House, you can see our slide presentation here:

Please submit your application at by Tuesday, October 29, 2019.
  • October 15th application process opens
  • October 29th application deadline
  • November 21st first wave of speciality program (AP or French) offers via email (expire in 5 days)
  • November 28th second wave of speciality program (AP or French) offers via email (expire in 5 days – based on remaining open spots)
  • January 9th first wave of regular program offers via email (expire in 5 days)

Take a look at our OCS AP Alumni Registry for a glimpse of our graduate network. You can see what Senator O'Connor College School AP Alumni  are accomplishing out in the world!
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at Senator O’Connor College School provides an enriched classroom setting for highly motivated students in the areas of English, Math, Science, French and Geography. The program begins in Grade 9 with segregated Pre-AP classes in which students study both the Ontario and the AP curriculum and leads to AP classes in Grades 11 and 12 that prepare students to write AP exams for advanced placement or credit in university. The AP Program is also an excellent enrichment opportunity for students in the French Extended/ Immersion Program as well as for students who are identified Gifted. All strong academic students are encouraged to apply.
The flexibility of the AP Program allows students to select the number of AP classes that suit their learning needs.  The AP Program at Senator O'Connor allows students to choose as few as one AP class, or the full complement of AP courses offered at the school in order to work towards the AP International Diploma which is recognized world-wide. For a more complete picture of our AP course offerings, scroll to tab below titled: "Enriched and AP Courses Offered at O'Connor".
Senator O'Connor College School will accept a limited number of students into the Grade 9 AP Program.  Places of admission will be granted based on previous report cards, CAT scores, as well as the student's desire to commit to the level of study required by the enriched classroom setting.
AP Newsletter
 OCS AP Brochure


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AP Family Movie Trailer

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Enriched and AP Courses Offered at OCS

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OCS AP Values

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Why Take OCS AP?

Resources for Parents and Families​​


An Alumnus Testimonial on the AP Program at Senator O'Connor. Fatin T, graduate of 2012:


Good evening everyone, as a proud alumnus of the AP program here, I’m really happy to see so much interest in Advanced Placement courses and programming at O’Connor. I graduated from here five years ago, and there have been and continue to be so many moments where I look back and I’m so thankful that I was able to take advantage of the additional challenges, resources, and opportunities that these courses and the AP community here offer.
Since I have left, I have become firmly convinced that the AP program is an amazing launchpad for leaders and innovators because it teaches integrated thinking and fosters a really useful habit of asking questions and looking for the bigger picture. Today, everywhere you look, from artificial intelligence to international work on the sustainable development goals, a critical ingredient for success is the ability to think across disciplines, and the AP program does a really great job at laying the foundation for precisely this type of systems thinking that is invaluable in today’s job market. Because you end up sharing a lot of the same classes with a core group of bright and ambitious students, what ends up happening is you push each other to succeed, you share insights with each other and bounce ideas of your peers and your teachers who all work together to elevate the high school learning experience to one that both celebrates knowledge for its own sake and at the same time prepares students for success in university and in other endeavors.
Of course, the AP exams themselves are a good opportunity to practice university level material and potentially award you university level credits to use towards your degree, but that is only one of many benefits so even if you have doubts about whether you want to take those exams at this point—though I would encourage everyone in the program to try them—there are still many, many other good reasons to apply for the program.
A wonderful testament to the success of the program is the success of its graduates. From the class of 2012 alone, I was definitely spoiled for choice when it came to success stories to share with you tonight. Only five years after graduating high school, some of my fellow AP graduates are in medical school and dental school, many are in graduate school studying topics on the cutting edge of physics and machine learning, a few are working as engineers, some are well on their way to revolutionizing the business world, either through their studies in financial technologies or in their work as management consultants. I myself just completed an internship with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat in Germany, and am a few weeks away from graduating with my Masters degree in political science and environmental studies at UofT. I think I can take the liberty to speak on behalf of my former classmates to say that the insatiable hunger for knowledge, the unwavering commitment to public service, the desire to become change-makers and architects of a better future that we all share was encouraged and supported every step of the way through the AP program.
So, I would encourage all of you to apply – even though the courses can be challenging, you are provided with the tools and resources for success along the way. More than that, the teachers here are incredible and really take an interest in your learning experience and your success. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the AP teaching staff at this school. To this day, everything from the building blocks of a great essay to the principles underlying projectile motion to how to say “complain” in Yiddish are burned into my memory thanks to the engaging and caring teaching style embraced at this school. So, in conclusion, the program is incredible and you should all apply and encourage your friends to apply. Thank you and good luck.