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About Us

Mission Statement

In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our mission is to educate students to their full potential by:

  • Working together with the home, parish and community;
  • Integrating Catholic beliefs into the total learning experience and daily school life;
  • Guiding our students so that they can become independent, self-disciplined workers;
  • Inculcating the love of learning into our students;
  • Expecting our students to behave in a manner which displays respect for self and others;
  • Providing our students with professional, well-organized and well-planned instruction which reflects the mandates of both the Ministry of Education and the Toronto Catholic District School Board;
  • Creating a learning culture which is positive and provides a combination of classroom learning activities, liturgical and Para liturgical events, co-curricular activities (sports and academic), and out of school excursions;
  • Promoting excellence in learning;
  • Providing on-going assessment of student learning and communicating results and concerns to parents on a regular basis

 How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Through our daily prayers and opening exercises, the religious education program, the integration of Gospel values throughout the curriculum including reminders in the daily announcements of who we are as a Catholic school community and, especially, in the daily interactions of staff and students, we strive to ensure the presence of and development of a Catholic environment. Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic School is committed to the goal of meeting the needs of all its students to the best of our ability. The underlying foundation to all that we do is the belief that each and every member of the school community is a unique gift from God.

Over the past few years, particular emphasis has been placed upon the creation of a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A detailed discipline code was developed with staff, student and parent input and has been published and distributed to all families, and special celebrations have been held to acknowledge the positive contributions made by students. Peace education has been integrated into each grade's curriculum with the goal of teaching the students the skills to find creative and non-destructive ways to settle conflicts. Parents are encouraged to communicate their concerns to the school as they have valuable information to share. Monthly newsletters keep everyone informed of upcoming events.
In addition to an extensive extracurricular sports program, we also have available school choir, instrumental music program and student council to meet student needs in other areas.
Many excursions are organized to provide opportunities to enrich and support the classroom experiences.
Considerable time, planning and effort has been devoted to permitting as wide an exposure to computer literacy opportunities as possible for all students as they progress through the school.
For students whose needs have been identified as exceptional, a number of special education programs are available at all grade levels. In keeping with Ministry of Education policy, the goal is to provide each child with an education in the least restrictive environment possible. The school-based support team meets on a regular basis to discuss student progress, provide support to the regular classroom teachers and to make recommendations for program modifications, where appropriate. In addition, support staff from the local curriculum support unit are available to assist with counseling, assessment and identification of individual student needs. Parental involvement is encouraged throughout this process.
In harmony with the Ministry's and Toronto Catholic District School Board curriculum policies and guidelines, renewed emphasis is being placed on a fully integrated program encompassing various subject areas. Focusing on the skills, knowledge and values judged to be critical to a student's needs at each stage of development, the teachers modify the curriculum to meet the needs of students at, above or below grade level. The expectation is that all students will progress towards the standards of student performances as outlined by the Ministry. This is a challenge indeed!

Each year, we have a Christmas concert held the week before Christmas holidays. The entire student body is involved in the Concert and shares their talents with the community. This event is always very well attended and the community looks forward to this event. In June our annual graduation celebration is held, during which school, church and parents join to celebrate the successful completion of the grade 8 year.