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School History And Tradition
St. Agatha Catholic School was first built in 1964 and is located on Cathedral Bluffs Drive in the Scarborough Bluffs area of Toronto.  Until the early 1980’s the school served only the local community. At this time, due to declining enrollment, it became the Scarborough school for French immersion. This change led to a growth in the student population, resulting  over time, in the arrival of 10 portables to go with the original 11 room building. As the population grew, the community (lead by parents and teachers) began to lobby for an addition to replace the portables. After many years of hard work and persistence, they were successful. In the spring of 2011, construction began on a 10 room addition. This included a kindergarten pod to accommodate the arrival of Full Day Kindergarten. On February 13th, 2012, students and teachers, some of whom had spent the better part of their career teaching in a portable, were finally able to move into their new building. The official opening of our addition took place on June 7th, 2012 when the building was blessed by Bishop Ngyuyen. At that time a mural created by our students, under the direction of one of our parents, was unveiled.
Today, for the first time in over twenty years, the majority of the student population is all under one roof. Only two portables remain, one of which is used for instrumental music. The school population sits at over 460 students, with approximately 60% of them in the French Immersion stream. We are a busy community with numerous sports teams and clubs. We also lead a number of initiatives to support those less fortunate, such as a Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas Gift baskets.
St. Agatha has the good fortune of having a strong and involved parent community. Meetings of our Catholic School Advisory Committee (CSAC) are held monthly. They are responsible for everything from our Welcome BBQ in September to our yearly fundraising initiative, the Halloween Dance-a-thon.  With this strong parental involvement, along with our dedicated staff and hardworking students, St Agatha will continue to be a warm presence in the community for years to come.