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What is Canadian Parents for French?

CPF is a national organization of parents dedicated to improving and increasing French language opportunities for Canadian children in every province. By joining CPF at your local level, you show your support for French Second Language learning and help ensure that programs such as Camp Chez Nous, Concours d’Art Oratoire, and more, can continue to be offered to our children. CPF also provides newsletters with information to support students learning French. A one year family membership is $25.00 and is included in the camp fees. A three year membership is $60.00. Members get information on education materials or opportunities to use French.
For more information on CPF programs and services contact: Canadian Parents for French: 2055 Dundas Street East, Suite 103, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 1M2, 905-366-1012905-366-1012, or 1-800-667-05941-800-667-0594, or visit the CPF Website.