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School Learning Goals

To increase levels of student achievement in literacy by focusing on open response questions in reading comprehension by explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies: reading for meaning, inferring and asking questions. 
To differentiate instructional practices to meet the needs of gender gaps in both Literacy and Mathematics that will increase levels of achievement that will impact our CAT4 and EQAO results.
To provide opportunities to celebrate student leadership in this year of Faith in order to help our students to meet the expectations for our Catholic School graduates.


School Professional Learning Plan

 Toronto Catholic has a fine tradition of student achievement and Christian formation that is rooted in our Faith and that has been supported from generation to generation by families, parishes and school communities. We are grateful for the confidence and trust that families have had in our system and recognize that families are integral to a student's formation. We also acknowledge those educators who have come before us, including the many religious orders, which in concert with the archdiocese of Toronto laboured and sacrificed to create a transformative educational system based upon our Catholic Christian tradition. That tradition is our inheritance and serves today as our foundation. As we look to the future we acknowledge our past and the debt we owe those who came before us.

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School Professional Learning Plan


 2018 - 2019
 Professional Learning Form 2017-2018
 Professional Learning Form 2016-2017