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Student Planner
Time management and personal organization are two life-skills that we emphasize at St. Aidan. It is, therefore, mandatory for all Grade 1 to 8 students to carry the planner with them at all times. The students are expected daily to write homework and assignments into the planner. The planner is also for parent/teacher communication. Parents are expected to check and sign the planner nightly when homework has been completed. The teachers are expected to use the planners to communicate with parents, either by signing homework as it is listed by the student or by writing a note to the parent in the planner. The planners are offered to the students at a cost of $6.00 each.

St. Aidan Catholic School Advisory Council
In accordance with Ministry and Board policy, we have a School Advisory Council. Membership is extended to all interested parents, staff representatives, the pastor and Catholic ratepayers. The St. Aidan Catholic School Advisory Council meets regularly to discuss upcoming events and to offer advice on many areas of school planning. The Council organizes fundraising, which provides for school related functions and needs. Please support the Pizza Lunches and Bake Sales. Volunteer parents also help out in classrooms, supervise on school trips and help organize special events throughout the school year. Parents are invited to participate in School Council meetings and events. Meeting dates are posted in the monthly calendar. Everyone is welcome.