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Grade 5


Refugees and Human Rights Child and Youth National Poetry Contest

The Grade 5's have been actively working on poetry that focus on the topic of Refugees and Human Rights.  Ten of them submitted their poems to the contest held by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  If selected, they will be notified on June 20 - World Refugee Day!  Please enjoy a selection of their work below.


I would like to add that I was very moved and impressed by all of their poems! Keep up the great work, Grade 5's!


Ms. Racioppo



World Refugee Day Poem: The Drip


Nei how, I’m Drip,

I’m the water that falls from the Great Wall

I’ve seen blood on top of me overtime

I’m from China


Namaste, I’m leak,

I come from the drain of the Taj Mahal

Foot prints cover me until I’m not seen

I’m from India


Marhabaan, I’m Drop,

I come from the steaming pita of Damascus

The quake of a bomb, has toppled me

I’m from Syria


Merhaba, I’m Dew,

I come from the steaming Turkish tea from Ankara

I’m brought over many train tracks and drunk too

I’m from Turkey


Maraba, I’m Dripling,

I come from the tasty hummus of Beirut

I’m dipped until I am gone

I’m from Lebanon


Were all different in so many ways

But yet we fall in the same pond

Because were al Refugees from different countries

And we should be treated the same all the time

- Ryan Lin


Refugee Poem


When you leave your country you don't feel good and when you come to another country, you feel good because you want to have friends in another home, and another country without war, with safety.


I left my home, and my lovely country but when the enemies came with their tanks and their guns, it was bad.


- Vanig Maksian (arrived in Canada February 2016)


A Day of A Refugee


Hello I am a Refugee,

guns and war is all I see.

Although I hear it every night

I would not like to stay and fight.


 I only eat once or twice,

the soldiers outside aren't very nice. I want to go,even

if there is snow.


There are lots of Refugees in different countries, I'm like a mouse. Trapped in a house,

Where I can't escape.


I'm afraid for the place I stayed.Now I'm leaving this horrible place, This is a beginning of a race,


To get to a new place.

Blood, sweat ,and tears,

a whole new adventure nears.This is a day of Refuge, hope is nearing us everyday.


 -Anthony Miel Toyco


Refugee is My Name


People think being a refugee is SO easy.

The truth is----it isn’t.

All they think about is food, shelter, water, and clothing----all basic needs.

In here, you can’t get a piece of food easily.

Moving countries is even worse, but not having rights----that’s like a slap to the face, hard.

Why is moving countries even an option?

I suffered, and suffered, and suffered.

Do you think people pushing you out of your home, and telling you to leave, is easy?

Try being in my shoes, and have no rights.

You can fight for your right, but, it’s not worth it.

You’ll die in a blink of an eye.

Don’t treat me like anything, but the person I am.

I can be a person with rights, or even a person.

I may be this or that, but you can NEVER take my personality.

You can NEVER take the real me, no matter what I have to go through.

All I want is this: human rights.

Don’t forget, refugee is my name.

Free is one word----but, refugee is another.

      -Kayceane Dimalanta


A Refugee Day Poem


It’s a beautiful day outside

Birds are singing,

Flowers are blooming,

It’s a nice day to play some catch.

Since I came here I was relieved.

Gunshots, Bloodshed finally done.

My eyes flowing with tears like a stream.

I was really free, from misery.

All of us are in the same boat.

When we were about to sink we found

Land, Hope and happiness.

So let’s start from the beginning,  

And make a new end. –Bianca Daganato



Family Literacy Day

January 27 is Family Literacy Day.  The Grade 5's were asked to brainstorm ideas for Literacy-based homework they could involve their family in - for at least 15 minutes.  Here are their ideas:


Family Literacy Day.jpg


Scientist in the School: What is Matter? January 19

French Magic Show: January 25 


Student Vote


For the weeks leading up to the Federal election, students had the opportunity to research our local candidates, create a campaign for their candidate, and take part in activities that revolved around the idea of democracy. 


We were fortunate enough to observe an advanced polling station in action in our school gym.  Students then became familiar with the different jobs within the station.


On Friday, October 16, the Grade 5 students participated in the National Student Vote.  Our classroom was transformed into a polling station and the students took turns in the different jobs in the polling station.  Each student had the opportunity to vote and their votes were submitted to the national website.  The results appeared on television on October 19, the night of the Federal election.  For more information, please visit the Student Vote website at