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News From the ESL/ELD Class


 What is ESL?


For an explanation of what ESL is, please see the "ESL" Brochure and the "ESL letter" attched below. This information was sent home on curriculum night.


ESL Brochure 2012-13.pdfESL Brochure 2012-13.pdf


  Parental ESL letter - revised.pdfParental ESL letter - revised.pdf


Resources to Support English Language Learners (E.L.Ls)



Tips to help children with reading, writing, math and homework:

TCDSB Resourses to support E.L.Ls Link:


Elementary Curriculum Link:


Settlement Information for Newcomers:


Orientation Centre for Newcomers:

Our ESL Class is now using edmodo.
Edmodo is a free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.  It provides a safe way for teachers and students to connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions, manage due dates, and receive class information.
Edmodo is accessible online and through any mobile device with Internet capabilities – including free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.  Students can access their account from any mobile device or computer, and set up notifications within Edmodo to receive alerts/reminders via text or e-mail.
.  This tool will be used strictly for educational purposes using the following guidelines:
·         Students will be required to use appropriate grammar instead of texting language
·         Edmodo does not allow private student-to-student messaging - the site will be used to discuss school-related content only, and the teacher will monitor all Edmodo activity
·         No put-downs or sarcasm toward another’s ideas. All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply
Students who violate the guidelines above may face disciplinary action and/or face losing the privilege of using Edmodo.
You can also sign up for a parent account that is linked to your student account, and will help keep you informed of due dates, assignments, grades, school events, important resources, and any direct communication between your child and the class room teacher.
If you would like to receive a parent account please follow the guidelines below:
·         Obtain the unique 6-digit Parent Code from your child’s account (this is not the same as your child’s Group Codes).  The Parent Code is attached to your child’s account.
·         Have your child log on to their edmodo account and obtain the Parent Code.  This code is located on the bottom of the left side panel.
·         After you have the parent code, go to
·         Click “I'm a Parent” and fill in the necessary information and Parent Code.
 Note: Each child has a different Parent Code. You do not have to share a Parent Account with another parent, relative, or guardian. Multiple Parent Accounts can be set up for one student. Simply use the same Parent Code found on the student’s account to create a second Parent Account (must have a different email address).
We look forward to a great year as we incorporate the use of technology into our classroom curriculum.  If you have any questions, please contact me (Mrs. Gonsalves – Bianchini)  at (416) 393-5350.
Thank you,
Kari Gonsalves
Mrs. K. Gonsalves Bianchini, OCT