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Toronto Catholic District School Board

St. Aidan Wins MusiCounts Grant

Music students

MusiCounts is a program that provides grants to school music departments in need of new instruments. Grants typically range from $5,000- $10,000 but, St. Aidan was lucky to be one of five schools to receive a $20,000 grant in celebration of the 20th anniversary of MusiCounts!
Our students have been supplied with 2 new violas, 12 new violins and 5 new cellos to start! To celebrate our new instruments, on November 23rd, students participated in a celebration event where they were able to meet the donor Eleanor McCain and Canadian Music Hall of Famer Matt Dusk. Students enjoyed a performance by both McCain and Dusk that kicked off the Holiday season and celebrated the influence of music in schools can have on students. The grade 8’s also had a chance to showcase their skills on the new instruments for Mrs. McCain. They performed an orchestral arrangement of Jingle Bells, adding to our Holiday theme.
The grade 8’s also had the opportunity to partner with Volkswagen and be part of their new campaign, “Everyday Heroes”, which will air in January 2018. Students played the music that will be featured in the commercial. VW also surprised our students with an additional $4,000 worth of instruments which included 30 ukuleles, 4 violins, 3 violas and some music stands! Congrats St. Aidan!