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School History And Traditionschool picture
St. Albert Catholic School was officially opened as an eight room classroom open-concept school at its present site in March, 1968. Initially, the families of St. Albert were affiliated with both St. Lawrence and St. Rose of Lima Churches. At the present time the school is able to provide for the spiritual development of the students through the celebration of liturgies, reconciliations and paraliturgies, sacramental preparations and regularly scheduled visits from the pastor of St. Maria Goretti Church, which we are presently affiliated with.
The school was named after St. Albert the Great, a humble Dominican monk, scholar and teacher. St Albert the Great was born circa 1193 at Swabia, Germany. St. Albert the Great spent his youth under the spiritual tutelage of Blessed Jordon of Sarcony, who inspired him to join the Order of Preachers. He studied and taught philosophy at Colgne and Paris, where he became one of the most famous philosophers of his day. At Cologne, he was famous as the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas. Name to the Bishopric of Ratisbon, he retired to dedicate his skills and talents to writing and teaching. St. Albert the Great was a person of immense knowledge and erudition. His works are voluminous in bulk and encyclopaedic in scope and depth. His works include: biblical and theological works and sermons; thesis on logic and metaphysics, ethics and the physical sciences. His interests extended to physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and to human and animal physiology, geography, geology and botany. This Universal Teacher stands out for his recognition of the autonomy of human reason in its own sphere of influence and the validity of knowledge gained from spiritual experience. Yet he never ceased to regard the Scriptures as the front of human’s spirituality or true wisdom. St. Albert the Great died in 1280.


Our new and updated St. Albert the Great School Prayer will be posted in January 2018