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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Canadian Tire Money Collectioncanadian-tire-money.jpg

If you have Canadian Tire money lying around, send it to school and we will collect as much money as possible and buy some outdoor equipment for our students ... basketball nets, soccer nets, balls, and more.  Every nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar adds up!


Our aim is to collect $60 every year!


Thank you for your contributions.




Mr. Samler with some of our most recent contributions ... Mr. Samler has already bought new mesh for our basketball hoops.  He and Mr. Mash have picked up the soccer nets and they will be out there for primary, junior, and intermediate students to use instead of using their coats as nets.



Everyone has a few cents lying around ... Bring them in and they'll go far with us!  Thanks ladies - Good job!



Olivia brought in a stack of Canadian Tire money too ... Thank you!

Olivia C (2).jpg