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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Chinese Delegation Visits St. Albert 


Melanie Wyatt, Representative from Chinese Delegation, Mike Del Grande and John Masciarelli

Melanie Wyatt (Associate Principal of St. Albert), Representative from Chinese Delegation, Mike Del Grande (TCDSB School Trustee), and John Masciarelli (Principal of St. Albert)


On January 17th, St. Albert had a "few" Vice Principals from China (Suon University) tour the school, explore some of the programs (i.e., PFLC, ELL, Gym, technology use, etc.), visit all the classrooms, and inquire about the various initiatives undertaken at the school (i.e., Student Lounge, House System, Promotion of Growth Mindset and school culture).  They were very happy and thankful for the opportunity especially to visit the Early Years classrooms, the PFLC, and to see the workings and settings of a typical elementary school.  The delegation members were amazed at the "small" class sizes as typically their classes have as many as 60 students in similar sized classrooms.  We thank Laila Sisca (Leading Learning) for arranging the visit and Mike Del Grande (Trustee) for his continued support, leadership and tour guiding skills in this endeavor.



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