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School Bus Information & Parent Portal

Parents are encouraged to register for the Parent Transportation Portal to get up-to-the-minute information about their child's bus...
The Transportation Portal is a new tool that the Transportation unit has provided to help parents access information about their child’s transportation.  After registering for an account  (by selecting the ‘parent’ link in the top right hand corner on the website) families are able to add their children to their account and information about their transportation services.  (Please note though – if you are looking to register for

the school bus itself you need to visit your local school and if eligible, they will forward your application to our office so we can set up the service.  Once that is completed you will be able to add your children to your portal account.) This will include their bus route number, the approximate bus stop times, the company providing the service and their contact information.  Once you have your children added you can also subscribe to the late bus portal.  This utility will send an e-mail to your inbox any time a school bus operator reports a late bus that your child is assigned.  The Consortium will continue to review the viability of sending text messages as another means of notification to families in the future.
Future stages of the portal will provide a ’where’s my bus app’ so that families can actually see where the bus is in relation to their stop and provide an approximate estimated time of arrival.  These future technologies are dependent on our school bus operators leveraging their GPS systems and ensuring that the buses are assigned to the appropriate routes for accurate reporting .
We hope this new tool provides greater access to information and allow us to communicate with our families better.
General Information about School Bus Transportation
To help make Catholic Education available to every Catholic child, the Toronto Catholic District School Board provides school transportation for children qualifying under the Board policy relating to distance and special circumstances. This transportation is facilitated by the Toronto Student Transportation Group.  This consortium is responsible for student transportation services for students at both the TCDSB and TDSB. 
Visit the website for the most up-to-date information regarding school bus transportation
General transportation inquiries can be made at 416-394-4BUS or
Please take a few minutes to complete our annual 'Level of Service' survey. 
Your feedback helps us identify issues that we can address for our families and students going forward: TSTG Level Of Service Survey
General Information 
Transportation for elementary students is dependent on the distance away from the school and if a transportation area has been defined for this school. You must live 1.5 KM away from the school and reside within an approved transportation area in order to be eligible for transportation.    
Your responsibility as a Parent
·        Parents are responsible for their children's safety before they board their school bus, and after they are dropped off in the afternoon. 
·        While on the bus, students are responsible to the school principal for their conduct. Transportation privileges may be revoked if a student's behavior creates problems, the length of the suspension varying with the severity of the incident. If transportation privileges are revoked it becomes the parent's responsibility to transport the child to and from school for the duration of the suspension. 
·        Parents are also responsible for transporting their children to and from school in cases of inclement weather or mechanical difficulty. 
·        If transportation arrangements for your child need to be changed, the Board requires 7 days notice.  
Your Responsibility as a Motorist
·        Motorists meeting a school bus with red lights must stop unless on a highway divided my a median strip. 
·        Motorists overtaking a stopped school bus must stop at least 20 meters before reaching the bus. Motorist may proceed only after the bus resumes motion or the lights have ceased flashing. The law applies everywhere regardless of the post speed limit.  
Your Responsibility as a Student Waiting
·        Be at the pickup point on time. Drivers cannot wait for latecomers. 
·        Do not abuse the privilege of waiting near private property for the school bus. 
·        Wait in a single file well away from the roadway until the driver stops the bus, then board the bus in orderly fashion.  
On the Bus
·        The driver is in charge of the bus and must be obeyed at all times. School patrols should be accorded the same respect. 
·        Sit where the drivers tell you and remain seated for the duration of your trip. 
·        Be quiet and behave sensibly. Horseplay, fighting, eating, smoking, and foul language are forbidden. 
·        Keep your belongings on your lap or under the seat; aisle must be left clear. 
·        Don't open a window and never lean out the windows. 
·        Never throw anything inside the bus or out the windows. 
·        Students will be held responsible for any damages to the vehicle. 
Leaving the Bus
·        Your may leave the bus only at regular stops. 
·        If you drop something under the bus, notify the driver; don't try to retrieve it yourself. 
·        Never cross the road behind a school bus. Cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you. 
For Bus Kids arriving at school
Staff will receive the students and direct the students to go to the back of the school via the SOUTH walk-way - Students will not go in via the front doors (unless it's inclement weather or instructed to do so) and they will not go to the back of the school from the NORTH parking lot. 
For Bus Kids departing from school
Upon dismissal (3:20/3:30PM), all Bus Students are expected to go directly to the location where they are to wait for the bus (outside just in front of the school in designated area for some students or inside the gym at designated areas for some students). Attendance is taken at this point.  Students will not go outside and "hang out" and then come to the bus when they feel it's good to do so.  Attendance is taken again for our younger students as they board the bus.  Students who miss the bus can come to the Office and a phone call will be placed to parents to make alternate arrangements for getting home.  Staff are not permitted to walk or transport students home or to other locations.